Visitors From Space? How About China?

What a hilarious story at the New York CBS news: Mysterious Hole in Basking Ridge Yard Puzzles Experts, Officials. Suuuuuure it puzzles them.

According to the story, there’s an 18-inch deep, coffee table-sized crater in a woman’s front yard. She woke up the other morning to see the hole in her lawn. Her son thinks it’s something from space, but scientists have investigated and used metal detectors and found no traces of meteorites. Some think something may have fallen from a plane, but some remnant of the thing would still be evident (unlike the 9/11 planes that mysteriously vaporized into thin air while preserving paper documents and drivers’ licenses of the criminals, yeahhhh).

I think it is probably Superman. He hit the earth didn’t he? Well, maybe he just got up and walked away. Or maybe they FINALLY DID figure out a way to dig all the way from China! Hey, you never know! I mean, if evolution is supposed to be possible and the New York Lottery is supposed to be winnable, well then ANYTHING can happen!

So there ya go, another amazing sagacious solution from the Crabby Blogging Lady. And I even did it without an information technology degree. :D

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