Vote for Ray Stevens

This guy sure has a lotta sense. It’s Ray Stevens, and I’d never heard his stuff before (although I have heard his name). I say we vote for HIM! I love his references to the Hokey Pokey: we put the right one in and left one OUT. Bwahahah!!!

I love his baseball hat, and the way he uses it as a prop. Nice touch. And that Granny wig, uh huh. Musta been on sale, one of those gifts for her on clearance. It’s a homegrown video, all right. And that’s why I LIKE it! We need to get back to WE THE PEOPLE again.

Rock on, Ray!!! You got my vote should you ever run.

Hat tip to Northview Diary for the video.

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My Favorite Christmas Song

Remember this moldy oldie, folks?!


When I worked in radio, back in the 80s, I had to play this stupid song almost EVERY HOUR during the Christmas music season. It nearly drove me up the wall.

I quit radio, gee, about 20 years ago now!, and for some weird reason, I remembered that song today. Funny how sentimental one gets as they age…

…so I played it for my kids. I was yukking it with peals of laughter, almost tossing my cookies because I was laughing so hard. The kids just had blank looks on their faces, obviously puzzled as to why their mother was having such a good time.

Whatever. I can party without them. I played it over and over, just like those bygone days of carefree and splendid youth! Over and over and over…

..and then… about a half hour later, I hear them singing it under their breath to each other. HA!


P.S. That music video deviates slightly from the song version. The video has Grandma pop out from the chimney, alive, after a day (apparently, Santa’s sleigh had dumped her in the chimney and she didn’t really die). The reason for the watered down version is because TV didn’t want to shock the young viewers with violence (death of Grandma) and have kids entertain the thought that Santa was a murderer. Lordy, how things have changed in 20 years!!

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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry-Go-Round

Like Mama used to say: Stupid is as stupid does.

Some goons with a lot of free time on their hands decide to rig up their car to a merry-go-round, so see how fast it can go. And worse yet, TWO guys decide to try to ride it!!

Insane Merry Go Round – Watch more Funny Videos

Notice how the spectators freak out when on the guy starts to fall off? Hello?? Like, what did you expect? They didn’t even bother to place pillows or cushy Eagle Creek luggage around the merry-go-round for padding, or have an ambulance waiting. Sheesh!

Not to mention I’m surprised the guy didn’t puke afterwards. Or maybe the considerate video cameraman decided to spare us from such thrilling entertainment.

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Why Doesn’t Obama Pray?

…because he can’t read the teleprompter with his eyes closed! BWAHAHAHAHAH

Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

One little question: WHO decided what’s on the teleprompter, hmmm?? :thinking:

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So I Totally Love a Sock. Your Point Is?

As a kid, I had a little homemade puppet: Sammy the Sweatsock. Actually, it is pronounced Schammy the Schweatsock. Yeah, like Carol Channing would say it. It was a kid thing. When we were bored– for example, on long road trips when my 4 brothers and 2 sisters and me were crammed into the station wagon, dazed by boring highway scenery and trucks with xenon lights– we would kick in to this “wacky” mode where we suddenly talked to each other like Schammy the Schweatsock. It wasch schpectacular, eschpecially becasch our akschentschs drove our parentsch abscholutely inschane.
I now do Schammy the Schweatsock with my kids, when they are being moody or grumpy or acquire their teenage ‘tudes. It drives them insane. Heh heh.

It’s with that same twisted glee that I have found a new pal, Mason. He recently went incognito, to hide from the paparazzi and his adoring fans. But hide as he may, I still see my little Mason. Reminds of those good old Schammy days.

It’s not too mental to be a fan of a sock puppet video blog, is it??

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I am a whacked-out, nutso, foaming-at-the-mouth cat lover. I sometimes warn Mr. Crabby that if he does not remain his sweet, cuddly self, I shall become one of those Crazy Cat Ladies, with dozens of kittens roaming the house, mewing day and night, and nuzzling my chin(s) nonstop. I have an insatiable appetite for warm, loving, hairy critters (which is, no doubt, the reason for my long and successful marriage). Needless to say, Mr. Crabby is quite cuddly. I’m quite sure this is entirely due to my charming and loveable demeanor. But, of course, he knows that he’d better be cuddly and nice, unless he wants me to suddenly cash in on that life insurance that is guaranteed issue… yah. Yah. lol (*to all you sourpusses out there– this is a JOKE!*)

Anyway, haha, I saw this video at AmyOops and immediately fell in love. What darlings! Yet if the cat owner REALLY wants to play the game, I suggest he whack a little harder, or at least get two, uh, whackers. Still, this video is ADORABLE!!!!!

So aren’t you just oozing with cat love? Photobucket

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