Holiday Glut

Well, Halloween is gone for another year, thank God. Here comes Thanksgiving and then, a month later, Christmas. And then, a WEEK later, New Year’s Day. And then… it’s a dry, dusty desert of nothing until Easter, in April.

Why is this? Why are all our holidays scrunched together within a few weeks of each other? Holidays help break up the monotony, especially during the winter season when the days are cold and dark and forlorn. But how about late January, February, and March? Those months are awful, especially February. There’s no holiday at the bleakest time of the year!

Oh, I guess there’s Valentine’s Day, but that’s not really a holiday. It’s just a pink Halloween, actually. The candy still flows but it’s pink or red and in the shape of hearts. And besides, Valentine’s Day is only for a few.

Maybe we should change the holiday schedule, or at least add a holiday in February or March. What kind of holiday could it be, hm? I can’t think of anything in particular. Maybe we could move the Fourth of July to February. Holidays in the summer are needless– we’re all practically on holiday for those months, anyway. Well, I guess we HAVE to have at least one holiday in the summer, for those folks needing rv loans and good weather for travel…

ANYWAY. I don’t like all these holidays scrunched up together from November to New Year’s. BAH.

Funny Pictures - Happy National Cheezburger Day!

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I Don’t Get Those “Extended Protection Plan” Things

It’s like a plague or a sudden fad from the catwalks of Paris– the “Extended Protection Plan.” EVERYBODY and their mother is offering them these days. This must be how the stores make their big bucks, kinda like how the fast-food restaurants make their money– offer the goods at *reasonable* prices, then tantalize you with “extras” for unconscionable prices.

I ordered a $75 appliance from a Big Box store, online. $75. Before I can even submit my order, I am bombarded with TWO windows begging me to sign up for the “Extended Protection Plan.”

Gee, is their product so crappy that they have to offer a “just in case” insurance policy for the thing? And look at the price of the “protection”– $59 bucks!!! LOL, I could just go out and get another appliance, dudes!

And everybody is on this “extended protection plan” bandwagon. I can’t even buy phentermine or buy a package of gum without being asked if I want to also spend on this or spend on that.

No! I just want to buy a pack of gum! Is that OK with you?!

So anyway. I’m looking forward to my appliance. And it better not be a dud, or I will kick myself for not getting the “extended protection plan.”

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Drowning in Black Ink!

Help! Help! No it’s not the problems figuring out my online backup syncs. It’s my printers— my computer printers are driving me into bankruptcy!!


That’s all I have to say for the rest of the world to get their blood boiling! And according to Gizmodo, printer ink is even more costly than human blood!! Look at this stunning graph.

That, dear people, is insane. WHY oh WHY do printer manufacturers charge so much for their stupid ink! Not even the *slightly* less expensive refills are worth it! Plus, if you happen to accidentally spill it onto your skin, this is what happens:

GRRRRREAT. I have to go out to the store with this all over my hand. It JUST HAD to be magenta ink that got on my hand. It looks like blood! It won’t wash off, no matter how hard I try. And I can’t wear gloves while pinching tomatoes for ripeness, and fumbling with my nickels and dimes at the checkout, now can I?

I say we should revolt against this printer ink tyranny. We should refuse to buy anymore ink: not those $40 name-brand cartridges, nor those lousy drip ink refills! We should just throw away the PRINTER, and buy a new one. Did you know that you can buy a brand new printer with new cartridge included for LESS money than an ink cartridge refill?! Insane!! And every time the ink runs out of that new printer, THROW THAT AWAY and buy a new one again! Before long, the landfills will be filled with mountains and mountains of new printers! It will cause an outrage, and the backlash will be against the printer ink manufacturers (backlashes are always against the businesses in this country). So then the manufacturers will be FORCED to lower their prices to reduce this glut of printer-laden landfills! You know, SAVE THE EARTH and all that. Those SAVE THE EARTH people are pretty gullible, I’m sure we can convince them that expensive ink causes global warming, polar cap ice melts, and alien crop circles in cornfields.
So who’s with me????

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Hoaxus Pocus


By the way, where’s all this hocus pocus the “stimulus” billions package was supposed to conjure up??? I thought so– nowhere! Nothing! Nada! I think it was all a Great Big Hoax. Like Haeckel’s embryos, the Peppered Moth, and Paris Hilton’s LP single smash hit. Because a dollar store down the street closed recently. YES, a DOLLAR store! You know the economy is in the toilet when not even the dollar stores can make a profit in this economy! :grump:

I love dollar stores! I hated to see this one go, because now I have to travel into the city to get to the nearest one. *shudder* I went there this week and, EGADS the place was shambles, hadn’t been cleaned in months. It doesn’t have to be some kind of luxury resort or Jack Georges outlet, but sheesh, people! Pick up the litter!

Anyway. It’s just awful, the way the government has trashed the economy. And they expect us to believe they can fix it! Gah!

Oh yeah, and speaking of hoaxes…..


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What I Want For X-Mas /Winter Solstice /Saturnalia

Well, I don’t celebrate Christmas or the season, also known as WinterSolstice /Saturnalia /Kwanzaa /Hannukah /Yuletide /GreedyShoppingandGettingPresentsTime. DON’T get me going on Christmas!! I’ll explode! :explode: It’s a pagan holiday with Catholic clothes on. :rage: I don’t hate it as much as I hate Halloween, but I do still hate it. I refuse to do the tree thing, the mistletoe thing, or the going-broke-to-buy-everyone-presents thing.

Ooo but I will receive a present if given to me, heehee. :santasmile:

Like this t-shirt. Isn’t it SUPERB! I think it’s perfect for someone like me!


I also love this.


Both items are from, that phenomenal company who should give me some kind of affiliate contract (since I mention them so often). They sell SOOOO much good stuff, perfect for crabbies and crabby-wanna bees! They don’t have any medical equipment (although my doctor’s office could sure use some of their demotivational posters– there’s one secretary there is just TOO durn cheery! The other one is always horribly nasty and crabby, so she’s fine). Well, ANYWAY… has calendars, mugs, posters, t-shirts, etc. This is NOT a sponsored post for them, either– although I wish it was! I should be getting a hefty cut of their online profit, since so many of my crabby-infected readers go there and buy that stuff.

But, dang, I just love that t-shirt. GOTTA get me one, and wear it to WalMart. Think anyone will understand it? :huh:

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Why is Amazon’s Shipping So Slow?

What’s happened to, huh? Used to be, I could order something, and BAM my book would be here in a week, sometimes 5 days later. Not too shabby!
But HOLY COW, I’ve been waiting in the wings for over two weeks, and my books are not even in my state yet! :grump:

It seems to take FOREVER– a WHOLE WEEK, almost!– to even get the product out of Amazon’s warehouse anymore!

I ordered my books on November 13th, so you can’t blame “the holidays” for the shipping delay. Unless, of course, Amazon was just swamped with orders over Halloween. :-p


But look! My books weren’t even shipped out of the warehouse until November 18th– and even then, I wonder if they were really shipped out, because the Postal Service doesn’t even mention receiving anything until November 24th!


So it took Amazon a whopping TWELVE DAYS to get my three paperback books (which Amazon said were in stock!) OUT of their warehouse to the local post office?!
The estimated time of delivery is November 28th– over two weeks from my order. And guess what? It’s November 28th today, and books still aren’t here! :grump:

Yeah, I opted for “free shipping.” I shouldn’t have been such a cheapskate. Because Thanksgiving has come and gone, and my books haven’t come in yet… *sigh*

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