What Will I Name My New Elephant? Says Discoverer

“I know, I’ll name her after my wife!” he says.

:rollpin: MEN. :roll:

NBC News reports that some Russian dude, wandering out in the Arctic because — heck after all, it’s just plain FUN to walk across the Arctic, ya know? — stumbled upon the mummified (frozen) remains of a baby mammoth. It’s actually an amazing find. The creature is preserved intact, even its organs!

According to Scientific Rule #836, any person who discovers something gets to name it.

Either this guy was short on names or he’s looking for a divorce. He named the woolly mammoth after HIS WIFE.

Nice move, dude.

Oh and get this– what do the other scientists want to do with the poor dead creature almost as soon as they get their latex-gloved hands on it? Rip it apart, extract its DNA and clone it!

:wah: What is WRONG with people. Didn’t they ever see Jurassic Park?!?!?! And have these knuckleheads considered how much a monster like this EATS??? With most of our feed grain going toward gas and with all the screaming alarmists yelling about “population explosion” and food shortages, they want to clone an EATING MACHINE?

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I’m a Zero Again

You know, I’ve always felt that Google was just too stinkin’ big for its britches, and here it is in my face again– the Page Rank fiasco. Three months ago, my blogs were ranked by Google as 2′s, 3′s, and 4′s.

ALL OF A SUDDEN they are 0′s. All of them.

Oh, Google, you are (once again) showing your bias again. If Page Rank is based on inbound links and authority, HOW can my blogs SUDDENLY be 0′s? I have PLENTY of inbound links and authority.

Google is just becoming more and more irrelevant. That whole “Panda” thing where they changed their algorithm (again) to try and make their results more relevant just muddied the waters even more. I am a researcher, I search the Internet all day long. I’ve learned that if I type in the search words, for example, document imaging, I’m going to get about 3 pages of ADVERTISEMENTS and irrelevant results. It’s just over the top.


I wish someone would build a better search engine. Google needs a little reminding that they are not god.

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Arnold, You Stink

Not that I was ever a big fan of the Kennedys, I am filled with sadness for poor Maria Shriver Schwartzaneggar. It’s bad enough having to marry a guy with such a weird last name, but now she has to endure the shame and embarrassment of yet another celebrity/politician who can’t control himself. In case you haven’t heard (but I’ll bet you have), Arnold has a 10-year old son with his housekeeper. Disgusting.

And I cannot believe Arnold confessed his sins a mere TWELVE HOURS before Maria had to appear on stage at that Oprah show! Is this some kind of joke?!

And the media is treating the whole thing with such a non-chalant attitude, calling the whole affair a “love child.” Love?! That’s love?!?! Committing adultery?! Destroying your wife’s heart?! Your legitimate children’s hearts? Irresponsibly fathering a child?!

Well, I give a little credit to Arnold. Rather than blaming his sin on “poor judgment” like so many others do, he stated:

“I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.”

It’s just the same old story and it’s so, so, SO sad. It’s just a fact that no matter how gorgeous or not a woman is, no matter what kind of marvelous meals she makes or sexy costumes she buys or how supportive she is of her husband, some jerks are just going to be jerks. :( So sad, especially for the kids involved.

I wait for the city where righteousness dwells….

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Do You Believe in GeoEngineering?

Unfortunately, it’s real. It’s not a “conspiracy theory.” Just a conspiracy.

As i looked into it, I got madder and madder. :explode: The whole thing is INSANE.

What is WRONG with power hungry people? Why can’t they be happy enough dominating their own homes, neighborhoods, countries or continents??? Must they have the earth, too???

So, ever hear of geoengineering? Of course not! The media has more important junk, like the royal wedding and the latest Hollywood scandal, to report day and night to you. Geoengineering is the lame brain idea of manipulating the Earth’s climate to stop “global warming.”

Heck, all you have to do to stop global warming is tape the politicians’ mouth shut!!

:thinking: Then again, maybe controlling the Earth’s climate IS easier…

The reason I’m looking up geoengineering is because we’ve had some MIGHTYYYYYY crazy weather the past few years. MIGHTY crazy. Out of the blue, strange, unusual, record-breaking crazy. And I ONLY WISH it was global warming crazy. No, it’s tornado, flood, hurricane, wacky blizzard and earthquake crazy. It’s destroying the planet! Forget the sensa weight loss reviews for losing weight, all these catastrophes are causing famine! Sheesh!

HELLO, world dominants? We’d MUCH RATHER have global warming than be plagued with tornadoes and floods. Please go back to your measly little mansions now, k?

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From Your Lips to God’s Ears

Overheard on Twitter tonight:

… there will be another season of Jersey Shore… but the U.S. government… that’s up in the air.”

Oh honey, from your lips to God’s ears!

I’m SO SICK of the blah blah blah about government shut down, hearing how seniors will starve, how it’s all the Republicans’ fault, etc etc etc.

Watching the news is rather frustrating right now. Not that I do it very often. But it’s so depressing. And life is too busy to dwell on all the massive negativity they are dumping on us. I just wish these clowns would quit their selfish bickering and retire, ykwim???

Yesterday I realized that it’s always “something.” The media always gives every adult generation something to really worry about. Bay of Pigs, nuclear war, Breshnev, Ghadafi, whatever. There’s never any peace from them, did ya notice?

WELL ANYWAY I say we hold a little revolt of our own. What if they held a war and nobody came, huh? What if we all decided just to stop worrying and BE HAPPY and CONTENTED? Me, I just want to run my business in peace, I want to order my office supply stuff and make my customers happy without every government official poking and prodding and interfering and scaring me into thinking it’s all gonna come down on my head.

I say BOO.

:grinny: Go ahead and shut down, then. Don’t let the screen door hit ya on the way out, sonny!

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Hey! Not All of Us Have 1.5 Kids, OK?!

Mr. Crabby and I have been searching for a new family vehicle FOR MONTHS and so far our efforts have been fruitless. FRUITLESS!!! We even have the money in hand, ready to slap down on the dealer’s table, but we can find nothing appropriate for our family of 6.

Yes. SIX. We have FOUR offspring. And I would *kinda* like to have seats in the vehicle for every one of them, plus the two adults. I guess a couple of the runts can be strapped to the roof rack, but during our rugged winters, that might be considered a little mean….

But we go into a car dealership and the people look at us like we are a rerun from The Waltons. SIX. They can’t believe it. They count us, several times. One, two, three, four… OMG HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU HAVE?!

If we lived in California, I’d be called a “breeder.” But here in New York State, they like big families. Because when they look at us, they see walking tax dollars and “surcharges” and “fees” and “tariffs.” They cackle and gleefully rub their hands together, tabulating the millions of dollars in taxes we’ll reap in for them and all the expensive utilities we will consume for them.

Yeah, it’s just SO. GREAT. to be wanted. :roll:

Anyway. We cant find a vehicle big enough for all of us. Except a minivan. And I DO NOT WANT another minivan!!! If I have to endure the bloated elephant on wheels for another two decades, I’ll scream. Those things drop transmissions like rabbits drop pellets. Holy cow. I have had to replace a transmission on EVERY SINGLE minivan, and some more than once! Ya can’t just run to the local convenience store and grab one, you know. They *only* cost $2000 to $3000. And then you’re without a car for a week or two. Which brings us back to the original problem of finding a car that seats SIX!

Can we just move to the Netherlands, maybe, and ride bikes together?

Someone please tell me WHY even the hugest SUV only seats 5? Oh, unless you get a gas-guzzling Suburban that will need to be refilled every 2 miles. And with gas here in Upstate NY at $4 a gallon, I might as WELL move to the Netherlands. There, everyone is so skinny you’d think they’ve got slimming tablets in the drinking water, and they whizwhizwhiz around so effortlessly on the bikes. Here in America, we’ve got cars the size of army tanks with FIVE piddly seat belts. Something just ain’t right.

Maybe the Amish are having a sale on buggys?

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