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Things That Make You Go Hrmph #2

  • Why did they decide to call it “Twitter”? What a dumb name. Didn’t they realize that sarcastic people like me would wind up calling Twitter participants “twitheads”? Didn’t the people from Twitter think ahead a little, and consider that??
  • How on EARTH do advertisements and billboards get printed with the most atrocious spelling errors? Don’t advertisements usually go through ridgid prooffing and editting befor being printted and destributted? Those speling errers are so bad, it makes me cringge to sea tham.
  • Why do atheists vehemently deny that God exists, but talk about God and religion all the time? I mean, if they are so confident that God doesn’t exist, why is disproving His existence always on their minds?
  • Why do people associate cats with women and dogs with men? Cats are soft and mysterious and well-mannered; dogs are stinky and eat garbage and are dirty, and….


    I think I understand now. Never mind.

  • And why is it OK to call George W. Bush a chimp, but it’s racist to call Barack Obama a chimp?



    I did a search on “Bush Chimp” and came up with pages upon pages of websites devoted to and photos filled with Bush monkeys. Do a quick search for “Obama Chimp” and while I found a few cartoons and weird photos, I only found a handfull of websites with it. Yet for some reason, it’s been a-OK to monkey-ify Bush but if you monkey-ify Obama, you’re going to straight to hell, do not collect $200.

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Cats Are Weird But Dogs Are Weirder x10

What a cute kitty. He’ weird but he’s fluffy and adorable.

Oh my gosh, this dog is SO weird. Someone, anyone, call the pound! Chloroform, pleeeeeease!!

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