Smiling Hedges

And I thought my front-yard landscape of stinging nettles was weird…

epic fail photos - WIN!: Trimming the Hedges WIN

In other news, the FAIL blog seems to have been taken over my perverted teenaged boys. The site has really gone down the toilet. Literally. It’s teenaged boys, the toilet and other bodily functions are all that’s on there now.


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Website Woes

I’m too dang tired to be angry. Oh, there’s a small ball of unhappiness bottled up but after 3 days battling hackers from a variety of angles, I just don’t have the energy to get into a rage. If anything, I pity those fools. What a stupid life, cheating innocent people to get ahead. What a waste of life and a waste of time.

MY time.

First there was the blasted WooTheme framework security breach. I wasn’t affected, but the WooThemes peeps went bananas after some smart alec publicly posted the code vulnerability. Not good etiquette– pretty nasty. But it did get the Woo Themes peeps off their butts and make them sit up. You see, apparently they’d known about a few script vulnerabilities, but didn’t inform us users– they simply blurted something obscure out on Twitter.

Bad idea jeans.

So I got the email informing to update to the new themes framework “as soon as possible.” Ooook. Spent a whole day rebuilding those blogs.

Next day, I scan the blogs just to see how they’re doing. MALWARE. Thousands of links spewing from the sites. I had my suspicions and I was able to trace it to the exact day and the IP number. This was a hacker “ring,” targeting innocent bloggers with an plugin. The evil &^@$%!#. I could bonk them over the head with swimming pool pumps, believe me.

Looks like the code injected itself into the WordPress files across several blogs, so I basically had to wipe everything out and start again. And that’s what I’ve been doing. Yeehaw.

So anyway, here I am. All fresh and shiny on a new server.

On the bright side, I’m learning tons of new tech skills. I hope to hone them all into creating a supersonic laser-guided destruction beam that will detect evil hackers and superglue their fingertips to the keyboard keys.

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Love Those Home Surveillance Cams

…but some folks probably hate them.

Like this guy. OOPSIE!!!!!

I feel sorry for the guy, actually. He was probably under a LOT of pressure to get all that stuff delivered. Unfortunately, he chose the *wrong* package and the *wrong* house to toss the delivery. Now, he’s probably out of a job. There’s no excuse for such an action, but we can all feel a little empathy because we know what it’s like to be under time pressure at work, and fudge or totally mess up a job.

Here’s another really good home cam video I found. A lady watches as her house is robbed– unbelievable! Now these guys I am NOT feeling sorry for. Haha!

Oh, I love those handy cams, yes indeedy. :grinny: Smile, guys, you’re on Candid CCTV cameras!!!

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Happy Holidays, Girls!

funny pictures history - If you can't wear a dog collar for a belt, you're not vomiting enough!
see more Historic LOL

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As the World Churns…

When I was in school, waaaaay back in the 70s (don’t laugh), they taught us to mock religion and traditional family values. I remember thinking how horrid and restrictive were traditional values like sexual purity, obeying your parents, caring for your siblings, honoring people in authority like your pastor or grandparents.

I’ve come a loooong way, baby.

What a bunch of dung that was! Do you realize that the casting off of restraint has totally wrecked our society?!

I have just come back from reading headlines at the news (WITH my groovy new digital video cables, too :mrgreen: ). But good Lord, the stories are scary. Besides the usual politicians-performing-criminal-acts stories, average society is breaking down completely! Hold on to your hats, people:

Copper Thief Steals Entire Transformer From Power Pole…

What the heck?! They risk death for copper?! In broad view of everyone?! And the economy sucks so bad in this country that people are stealing scrap metal?!

House will move this week to limit funding for effort in Libya…
The United States has NO business being in Libya. Nor Iraq nor Afghanistan, for that matter.

Military developing spy drones ‘size of insects and birds’…
Unconscionable!! They are using our own tax money to create spying machines to spy on us!!! And how dare they send these monsters into other countries– any joker could start an act of war.

2 Women Arrested After Roadside Begging For Fake Funeral Of Baby…

NBC Apologizes for Omitting ‘Under God’ From Pledge During U.S. Open Broadcast
The brazen media can do whatever they want, on our dime. Oh they “apologize” “IF” anyone was offended. How about we take NBC off the air, seeing they aren’t truly “national” but “global”?

Russia to Lower U.S. Debt Holdings…
The politicians have just handed our country over to Russia and China. :(

States look to Internet taxes to close budget gaps…
HOLY COW! I’m ballistic over this. How about we end MILLION DOLLAR pensions for New York State perverts serving in our government!!!

And my teachers and co-students said that traditional values were “restrictive.” Hoh boy, what a lie! So where’s this Shangri-La of licentious living, huh?

No, things are turning out just like the traditionalists said they’d turn out:

1. Remove the traditional family (Judeo-Christian) values from society, and society will go into chaos.
2. An authoritarian form of government will arise to control the chaos.
3. Eventually, a single group (oligarchy) or single person (tyranny) will arise to control the authoritarian government. He will appear compassionate at first, but later grasp at power.

It’s the same old story since the beginning. It has not changed one bit.

So what’s a person to do? What DO we do? Have things gone too far?

Well, no, things are never gone too far. I believe that as long as God is wiling and people are breathing, people can return to Him for help. And Lord, knows, we need it. I’m very concerned about what the future holds.

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Visitors From Space? How About China?

What a hilarious story at the New York CBS news: Mysterious Hole in Basking Ridge Yard Puzzles Experts, Officials. Suuuuuure it puzzles them.

According to the story, there’s an 18-inch deep, coffee table-sized crater in a woman’s front yard. She woke up the other morning to see the hole in her lawn. Her son thinks it’s something from space, but scientists have investigated and used metal detectors and found no traces of meteorites. Some think something may have fallen from a plane, but some remnant of the thing would still be evident (unlike the 9/11 planes that mysteriously vaporized into thin air while preserving paper documents and drivers’ licenses of the criminals, yeahhhh).

I think it is probably Superman. He hit the earth didn’t he? Well, maybe he just got up and walked away. Or maybe they FINALLY DID figure out a way to dig all the way from China! Hey, you never know! I mean, if evolution is supposed to be possible and the New York Lottery is supposed to be winnable, well then ANYTHING can happen!

So there ya go, another amazing sagacious solution from the Crabby Blogging Lady. And I even did it without an information technology degree. :D

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