Drowning in Black Ink!

Help! Help! No it’s not the problems figuring out my online backup syncs. It’s my printers— my computer printers are driving me into bankruptcy!!


That’s all I have to say for the rest of the world to get their blood boiling! And according to Gizmodo, printer ink is even more costly than human blood!! Look at this stunning graph.

That, dear people, is insane. WHY oh WHY do printer manufacturers charge so much for their stupid ink! Not even the *slightly* less expensive refills are worth it! Plus, if you happen to accidentally spill it onto your skin, this is what happens:

GRRRRREAT. I have to go out to the store with this all over my hand. It JUST HAD to be magenta ink that got on my hand. It looks like blood! It won’t wash off, no matter how hard I try. And I can’t wear gloves while pinching tomatoes for ripeness, and fumbling with my nickels and dimes at the checkout, now can I?

I say we should revolt against this printer ink tyranny. We should refuse to buy anymore ink: not those $40 name-brand cartridges, nor those lousy drip ink refills! We should just throw away the PRINTER, and buy a new one. Did you know that you can buy a brand new printer with new cartridge included for LESS money than an ink cartridge refill?! Insane!! And every time the ink runs out of that new printer, THROW THAT AWAY and buy a new one again! Before long, the landfills will be filled with mountains and mountains of new printers! It will cause an outrage, and the backlash will be against the printer ink manufacturers (backlashes are always against the businesses in this country). So then the manufacturers will be FORCED to lower their prices to reduce this glut of printer-laden landfills! You know, SAVE THE EARTH and all that. Those SAVE THE EARTH people are pretty gullible, I’m sure we can convince them that expensive ink causes global warming, polar cap ice melts, and alien crop circles in cornfields.
So who’s with me????

10 Responses to “Drowning in Black Ink!”

  1. Patricia Says:

    We have two printers and a copier. My husband is in charge of replacing the cartridges on all of them and he recycles the used ones for something like a $5 rebate. Not sure. He’s really good about finding great deals on cartridges. He is the printer cartridge king, actually! But I saw him first!

  2. JT Locke -- The Frugal Housewife Says:

    We just bought a new printer not too long ago because I refused to purchase those expensive ink refill cartridges. It was going to cost nearly $80 for the colored cartridges and black ink. That’s more than I paid for the printer when it was new!

  3. Jacinta Says:

    I won’t have ink-jets at home or in the office anymore – they are an expensive rort. Less expensive (but still a rort imo) are laser printers and you can get small office/home office (soho) for reasonable prices here.

  4. Staci at Just Bloggled Says:

    My mom went a year or more without printer ink because the cartridge cost more than the printer did to begin with. It was your basic printer–no scanner, no fax machine. She kept saying she was just going to buy a new printer when she had the money because it was cheaper, and she’s right; it was.

    That being said, I don’t know if your idea would work to lower prices just because the people who make the printers also tend to make the ink. Either way, they’re making money. Plus, a lot of companies like to say they’re green until it cuts into their profits. I wish it would work though. I’m going to be out of black ink soon.

    I try to print everything on draft unless it’s something I have to mail. It saves a little, but I still go through black ink like crazy.

  5. Chinaren Says:

    The ink is where printer manufacturers make their money. The printers themselves are often loss leaders (products sold at a loss). This is why they hate other companies producing cheap refill carts.

    When I was back in the west it was sometimes cheaper to buy a new printer, with ink provided, than two new cartridges!

  6. imeldA Says:

    i use ink refill too than buy a new one coz new ink cartridge is expensive. i have no option but to by whenever i need to print

  7. Buggys Says:

    I love it! You are brilliant. Count me in. Actually the last time my husband went to pick up new ink cartridges he did come home with a new printer, he said it was the same price as buying ink! That is too sad.

  8. Harrison Says:

    It’s like razors… they lose money on the machine and make it back on the ink.

  9. storybeader Says:

    that’s really desperate! And I keep telling my DH, “no, we don’t need a new printer, this one works fine.” It does look like you’re a slasher. What about one glove? Go for the Michael Jackson look? Or is that a prejudice statement? … can’t win…. {:-D

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