FAIL Funnies

Found these. So good, I wanted to share the hilarity.

This is pretty cute.

epic fail photos - WIN!: When Geeks Have Kids WIN

I’ll betcha the brainiac will be scratching this off in a couple of years….

funny tattoos - Ugliest Tattoos: President Joker

Aw, look on the bright side– he saved that expensive windshield wiper!

epic fail photos - FAIL Nation: Car Wash FAIL

I have SOOOOO wanted to do this.

epic fail photos - FAIL Nation: Parking FAIL

And finally… we ALL saw this one coming, didn’t we?

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Goose Attack!

I thought they were joking until I read the sign.

epic fail  - FAIL Nation: Goose Attack FAIL


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OMG I Think It’s Really and Truly Here

….. is it true?

… it real?

Are you pinching yourself, too?!



I am still very, very cautious. This IS the Northeast, after all. I have seen it snow in June, believe it or not.

Should I dare unpack my large planters and patio set? I have a nice portable gazebo, too. I’m itching to do it, but…..

what if it snows? :umm:

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Spring is Faking Us Out!

:grump: This is getting a LITTLE old.

We’ve hardly had any winter. What, like 8 inches of snow total, when we usually have 55?! So the little flowers are popping up, the birds are back, the air is fresh. And then,


More snow. Single-digits.

Those poor birds!

OK, so we all go out to break our backs on the snow. Real heavy stuff– wet, thick, all around yuk. And wouldn’t you know, Mr. Crabby’s snowblower is busted, something to do with a carriage bolt or something. Swell.

OK, so after we shovel all that snow… next day it’s back to 45 degrees!!! Hellooooooo, we just shoveled all this stuff!

So we enjoyed some very nice days: birds, flowers, fresh air, yadda yadda. And then,


More snow. Single-digits.

What the heck?!?!?! Is this because of all those nasty chemtrails or something? The weather is just nuts lately. And always right before precipitation, those jerks spew chemtrails in checkerboard patterns all across the sky. Please don’t tell me it’s water vapor– water vapor DISSIPATES. This stuff sticks around.

Anyway. Spring is faking us out. If this keeps up, we’ll probably have this on-again, off-again snowy weather all year long. Ugh!

On the bright side (believe it or not!), at last the cold weather kills off the bug larvae. Muahahaha!!!

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Winter Heater FAIL

Uhhhhh FAIL.

white trash repairs - Natural Emissions

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The School of Hard Knocks

Benjamin Franklin said it best: Experience is a hard master, but fools will learn no other.

Ah, yes, the School of Hard Knocks. We’ve all been thee in one degree or another, even I, The Crabby Blogging Lady, has felt the sting once or twice in her long life. Yes yes! ‘Tis hard to believe, but it’s true. I have

Then there are other people who never even get out of homeroom.

Like this guy.

white trash repairs - Switching It Up

This is an accident begging to happen. What the?!

white trash repairs - "Rancocas" means "fix that stupid pole."

white trash repairs - Cling Wrap Fixes Everything


white trash repairs - If you can't beat them, join them!

Dude. Get some coupons and get something a little newer, huh?

white trash repairs - Objects in the Mirror May Be Dumber Than They Appear

white trash repairs - It Looked Great Until You Turned the Lights On

white trash repairs - Add a Little Water and Instant Mini-Firework Show

There lessons to be learned here, young ones….

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