Fall Cleaning

Am I really so old? :-p Old habits certainly die hard with me. I’m still stuck with the “spring cleaning” and “fall cleaning” seasons. DO any of you remember those times? When moms use to don bandanas, pull furniture away from the walls, scour everything in sight? Do people even do that anymore?

I am finally finishing the family room — the family room we renovated years ago and never quite finished. And I must be getting really soft in my old age, because I am allowing the family to park their musical instruments in the room. Do you have any idea what a sacrifice it is to stuff a family room with 6 guitars, three amplifiers, 2 keyboards, miscellaneous pedals and whatnot… next thing you know, they’ll want to stash the primacoustic recoil stabilizer and audio recording system in here. Ugh.

Well, at least the music is good. Break out the bandanas, girls, here we come.

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Summer’s Last Rambunctious Hurrah

All I can say about summer is: good riddance.

We had a hard frost in June.

We had calamitous flooding in July, followed by excoriating heat and humidity.

August has been calm, until now. Summer is trying to encroach its jealous claws into our calendar, making us blistering hot and humid right at the brink of autumn when we are ready for some calm weather. Of course, that means I can finally pull out the chairs and patio cushion seating, because I will finally be able to sit outside without melting from the torrential rains or blistering heat.

Goodbye, summer. Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out. :-p

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To Be or Not To Be…

At what point does keeping a blog become too onerous?

Lots of my pals’ blogs have gone dark now. Wow. I think the breaking moment came when Entrecards went down. That was such a terrific idea, building a community of bloggers and “advertising” each other’s blogs. But it was managed very poorly, and the community eventually fell apart. Too bad.

My domain renewal is coming up in a few months, so I’m contemplating if I should even keep this blog. Domains are cheap. I might, just for kicks until I am absolutely ready to cut the cord.

I do miss those good ol days, though.

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Why Do People Even Still Come Here?

For one, I only update this blog on occasion.

(Did you know “occasion” is a terribly difficult word to remember how to spell?!?!?!)

Number Two, who the heck wants to read the ramblings of a cranky ol lady??

I’m not doing much except eat, sleep, work. And I do more sleeping than eating or working, thanks to this lovely economy. I had a terrific offer, working in a cleaning company, but I’m just too old to be hauling vacuums and mops around. Too old. I’ll have to leave all that to the folks at carpet cleaner huntersville nc and such.

But seriously, it’s a little difficult to find work nowadays. I remember back int he 80s and early 90s, there was plenty of work to be had. These are scary times.

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Summer, Summer

It’s official.

I absolutely hate summer. Hate it.

The stinky steam that belches from the air every morning and only gets more oppressive throughout the day.
The smell of mildew everywhere.
The sticky, nasty heat that clings to everything.
The noise of rowdy, scantily-clad people on the streets.
And the maddening sound of the lawn mower, incessant from 8am to 8pm.

Good heavens, it’s about to drive me nuts.

At least there’s my living room, where it’s dark. I can close the windows, flip on the AC, and shut out the hot world. I have found renewed interest in music, that muffles the sounds of lawn tractors and weed whackers and rowdy people. Yay! I might even get a new great trumpet case for my trumpet. Because there’s nothing like blasting a loud trumpet early in the morning with the windows open. :)

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Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Holy smokes, where does this baby get such energy!?

Why is youthfulness wasted on the young? If I had even 1/8th of that energy…. I could wash the dishes or do something useful. Yeah.

In other news, I saw my first sacagawea coin yesterday. Where has she been? Are they a big secret?! I remember when they were first issued but haven’t seen anything til years later!

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