Hoh Boy, Here We Go

It happened a bit sooner than I thought, but it’s happening.


That’s disgusting. I figured that polygamy would be encouraged now that a Mormon is running for president. Polygamy is disgusting, immoral, and ILLEGAL. For now.

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It’s For the Dogs

Would you bring your dog to work? Would you like others to bring their dogs to work? According to some study, dogs in the workplace supposedly ”boosts job satisfaction levels” and ”reduces stress” for employees.

Uh huh.

Well, nowadays you can quote a ”study” to prove ANYTHING. And one employee bringing their dog may reduce THAT employees stress level, but what about the other employees’ stress levels? Dogs sure don’t reduce my stress levels.

And what if more than half the employees have dogs and want to bring them to work? That would definitely not improve my job satisfaction, not unless I worked at a zoo! Imagine the barking, the drooling, the running around…. I can feel my blood pressure shootup just thinking about it!

What do you think? Do you think your beloved Fido should be beside you in your cubicle, slathering up the office rug or chewing on your co-worker’s shoes? Hmmmm

Hey, if reducing stress levels is the key, let’s skip the dumb ol dogs and have everyone bring arturo fuentes and wine to work!

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Love Those Home Surveillance Cams

…but some folks probably hate them.

Like this guy. OOPSIE!!!!!

I feel sorry for the guy, actually. He was probably under a LOT of pressure to get all that stuff delivered. Unfortunately, he chose the *wrong* package and the *wrong* house to toss the delivery. Now, he’s probably out of a job. There’s no excuse for such an action, but we can all feel a little empathy because we know what it’s like to be under time pressure at work, and fudge or totally mess up a job.

Here’s another really good home cam video I found. A lady watches as her house is robbed– unbelievable! Now these guys I am NOT feeling sorry for. Haha!

Oh, I love those handy cams, yes indeedy. :grinny: Smile, guys, you’re on Candid CCTV cameras!!!

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What Will I Name My New Elephant? Says Discoverer

“I know, I’ll name her after my wife!” he says.

:rollpin: MEN. :roll:

NBC News reports that some Russian dude, wandering out in the Arctic because — heck after all, it’s just plain FUN to walk across the Arctic, ya know? — stumbled upon the mummified (frozen) remains of a baby mammoth. It’s actually an amazing find. The creature is preserved intact, even its organs!

According to Scientific Rule #836, any person who discovers something gets to name it.

Either this guy was short on names or he’s looking for a divorce. He named the woolly mammoth after HIS WIFE.

Nice move, dude.

Oh and get this– what do the other scientists want to do with the poor dead creature almost as soon as they get their latex-gloved hands on it? Rip it apart, extract its DNA and clone it!

:wah: What is WRONG with people. Didn’t they ever see Jurassic Park?!?!?! And have these knuckleheads considered how much a monster like this EATS??? With most of our feed grain going toward gas and with all the screaming alarmists yelling about “population explosion” and food shortages, they want to clone an EATING MACHINE?

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Boo Hoo Poor PBO

Poor President Obama. He misses “being anonymous.”

Doesn’t it just make ya wanna cry? Aw!!

Heck, PBO, we ALL miss being anonymous. How about ditching the National ID card, Google’s Eye in the Sky, Echelon, and government spies lurking in Facebook and Twitter, huh? ‘Cuz I sure miss being anonymous, too.

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Thank God for “The System,” Or, Garth Brooks, Just Shut Up & Sing

Well, this was a surprise coming from *another* celebrity. CNS News has a story about Garth Brooks talking about the Oval Office and how difficult the job must be for good ol’ PBO.

Wait wait wait!! Wait a second. “The system” did he say? Don’t you mean the U.S. Constitution, Mr. Brooks? Like, the entire LAW of the LAND?!

“Yeah, I think what President Obama is finding out is all that we want to do, the system kind of doesn’t allow the most powerful guy in the world to kind of do his job and I’m sure nobody’s more frustrated than him to complete those promises that he did and I think he’s trying his heart out. I love him to death and I fully support him and I just wish him well because it’s got to be hell in that office.”

No, it isn’t “all” that “we” want to do. I am kinda partial to the Constitution. We aren’t going to throw out the very founding documents that made this country great AND protect our freedoms just because you “love Obama” and Obama needs to “do his job.” It’s the Constitution that MAKES Obama president, hello!!! Some folks have heads too big to fit their ten gallon hats, I tell ya.

Folks, I’m sorry. I’ve been trying to be funny and not as crabby, but yow. Stories like this make me scairt. I need to go bury myself into seo moz again to lower my blood pressure…

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