Winter is Here

OK, are you guys sick of all the “Winter is Coming” stuff permeating the interwebz?! Cuz I am totally OVER it. The bok and TV series is pretty sicko, anyway. Besides, WINTER IS HERE. Hello. Ha!

With that said, I’m ready to head for warmer climes. Yes, I’ll be heading in a southerly direction, ready to enjoy balmy temperatures, the beautiful ocean, and the sunny skies. All I need to do is set up cleaning services in cary nc before we arrive and it’ll be the bee’s knees.

SUMMER is coming, baby, and here I COME!

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I Still Think They Are God’s Greatest Creatures…

Funny Pictures  - The Most Interesting Cat in the World


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Holiday Glut

Well, Halloween is gone for another year, thank God. Here comes Thanksgiving and then, a month later, Christmas. And then, a WEEK later, New Year’s Day. And then… it’s a dry, dusty desert of nothing until Easter, in April.

Why is this? Why are all our holidays scrunched together within a few weeks of each other? Holidays help break up the monotony, especially during the winter season when the days are cold and dark and forlorn. But how about late January, February, and March? Those months are awful, especially February. There’s no holiday at the bleakest time of the year!

Oh, I guess there’s Valentine’s Day, but that’s not really a holiday. It’s just a pink Halloween, actually. The candy still flows but it’s pink or red and in the shape of hearts. And besides, Valentine’s Day is only for a few.

Maybe we should change the holiday schedule, or at least add a holiday in February or March. What kind of holiday could it be, hm? I can’t think of anything in particular. Maybe we could move the Fourth of July to February. Holidays in the summer are needless– we’re all practically on holiday for those months, anyway. Well, I guess we HAVE to have at least one holiday in the summer, for those folks needing rv loans and good weather for travel…

ANYWAY. I don’t like all these holidays scrunched up together from November to New Year’s. BAH.

Funny Pictures - Happy National Cheezburger Day!

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I’ll Say It Again: I Hate Halloween

It’s almost here: the night responsible citizens and property owners sit up all night, guns in one hand and phones in the other, preparing for that one night of “mischief” where the worst of the population is allowed to wreak havoc, destroy property, and worship satan. All while law enforcement and other mindless citizens chant, “Oh well, kids will be kids…”

I HATE HALLOWEEN. Hate it. I’ve hated it ever since I was 14 or so. What a crappy “holiday.” I can’t believe that people actually recognize this day, let alone “celebrate” it!

Don’t give me that crap that this is “all for the kids” and “it’s only about dressing up.”


Let me ask you something, you who say this– if my town celebrated Hitler’s birthday, what would you say to that? Oh, we don’t bake a cake that says “Happy Birthday, Hitler” on it, no… but we dress up, play dumb games and pass out goodies that rot our teeth. We carve vetetables with little arms in the raised “heil” position; some of us dress up with little black mustaches, too, ALLL in GOOOOD fun– knowing in the backs of our minds that it’s Hitler’s special day and it’s because of him that we set aside this day… but we celebrate guilt-free, and what we’re doing is OKAY, because ALL we’re doing is HAVING FUN and DRESSING UP! That’s what makes it OK, isn’t it?? Well, isn’t it?!?!

So now do you see how stupid that kind of reasoning is?

Halloween has disgusting pagan roots, and anyone whose brain hasn’t been washed by commercialism knows this. You can cover up the crappy celebration with decorations, treats, costumes, goodies, and apple-bobbings….. but we all know what it’s about. In the United States, Halloween was anathema to our godly forefathers… until the Celts brought the crap over in the late 1800s. Once the businessmen got ahold of the idea that they could sellsellsell all sorts of useless trash for this day and this day only, *BANG* it became a nationwide, celebrated “holiday!” There was no stopping it! And what’s absolutely gut-wrenching is that Christians actually take part in it, too! :wassat:

In other countries, holidays have spiritual significance underlying the physical celebration (for good or bad). America is unique in that the only thing that makes us tick is MONEY and SHOPPING. Thus, Halloween is a-OK. It’s *just* a dress-up day Let the shopping celebrations begin!



P.S. Does anyone happen to remember that October 31 is Reformation Day? Does anyone even know what that IS?! If not, well, WHY NOT, huh??? How come Reformation Day isn’t celebrated in public schools, but satanic Halloween is, huh???

BAH! :rage:

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Halloween?! Already!?

I CAN’T BELIEVE that people are already talking about Halloween?!?!?! I saw some ladies on Twitter all a-twitterpated about it. Hey, gals, I know you love to sew but PLEASE. It’s August 4th. Halloween is THREE months away. And I hate the holiday, so it’s bad enough when October nears.

I honestly don’t understand how Halloween has become one of the most beloved “holidays” in this country. It’s like a Mardis Gras for irreligious people, I suppose– a time when folks can be grossly immoral and morbid, and yet it’s all OK because it’s a “holiday”!

People are just plumb weird.

What’s worse is that there is no respect for godly, moral activities anymore. How about baptisms and christenings, huh? Those used to be holy days, days celebrated by the family. Oh I still may see a handful of Christening Invitations or whatever, but nothing on par with Halloween.

Halloween is a reproach to our country, our society. People dress up and act like imbeciles. They destroy private property and scare people out of their wits and gorge on sugary snacks. Huh?

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Comment Spam and Other News…


I can’t seem to locate this excellent article I’d read earlier this week; it was written by some geek that I follow on Twitter…. he wrote about a WordPress plugin that creates comment spam on other blogs. He was appalled that he was actually asked by the plugin’s creator to review the plugin! The geek basically said that the plugin harvests emails and urls from your blog commenters, and targets other blogs that write within your blog’s niche, and sends automatic comments to those blogs. IF I’m remembering it all correctly. Anyone see that article?

Well anyway, now I know where all the tons and tons of spam comments are coming from. :-p

For the first time in years, this year I’ve had to shop for women’s apparel. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by prices. I usually hold on to my clothing FOREVER. I don’t get bored with outfits at all, so I only buy new articles when my old has worn out (or I’ve outgrown them). Prices haven’t climbed too much in a decade, I see. Nice to know.

Thanksgiving is almost here. I like the holiday, but it seems that many people do not. They complain that Thanksgiving “gets in the way” of the more important holiday (Christmas). I happen to dislike Christmas (its too commercialized and WAY over-hyped), so I get peeved that Thanksgiving– a much more meaningful and important national holiday– is dissed. Jesus was actually born sometime in the spring, not on December 25th. So missing the pope-sanctioned Saturnalia revelries is not a disappointment. Thanksgiving is a very important national holiday, but people have forgotten this. I guess if I were only taught that Thanksgiving is about turkeys and pilgrims and Indians, I’d find it dull, too. But giving of thanks for our freedoms should NEVER be dull or “in the way” of a holiday about greed and revelry.

I’ve become quite upset about the debacle with the airlines and TSA. I don’t understand why people still travel by airline if they are going to be assaulted like they are? The government is totally unrepentant with what they are doing, too. If only our nation would come together– if only we could be united and defend our freedom again. How can it be that we are always saying “support the troops” but don’t do anything here at home to support our country? If America ever needed to be united in something, THIS IS IT.

So that’s my news update for this week. And that’s the way it was…

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