It Calms the Savage Beast…

… well, so they say.

Music. Have you ever heard the statement, “Music calms the savage beast”?

I am beginning to wonder if some of our politicians should take up some kind of musical instrument hobby, eh? I’m getting pretty worried with them.

ANYWAY. WHATEVER. So the kid spotted a student alto saxophone at guitar center. All the violins, drums, guitars, keyboards, and etc aren’t enough. Now it’s time for a saxophone! LOLOL! Hoh boy, we’re a big hit with the neighbors, I tell ya.

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There’s an App For Everything

A couple of years ago, we were so amazed that there was an app for practically everything! A flashlight app, an electric drums app, weather apps, news apps, a goconnect real estate crm app, everything!

Now, there are apps that monitor your webcams. That control your television or cordless phones. That manage your thermostat. That tell you when your car needs repairs. That track you wherever you go.

Whoa. It’s getting to be app-overload, if you ask me! I like apps that serve a purpose, but apps that manage my daily life? Um, no thanks.

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This Is the End of Civilization, Folks

GOOD GRAVY. This is utterly appalling. UTTERLY APPALLING.

Some guys went out in California to ask for signatures for a petition to “end the Third Amendment.” PEOPLE ACTUALLY AGREED. All these guys did was use the typical media/government new-speak, and voila! Sheeple followed!

YouTube won’t let me embed the video. You’ll have to take the onerous effort of clicking the link yourself.

We are utterly doomed. :( What a bunch of IDIOTS.

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How Did You Fare?

For Christmas. You know. Did you get all the loot you wanted? Hey, that’s what Christmas is really about in our society, isn’t it? Why pretend?

I don’t “do” Christmas. I find it very amusing when parents give their “those ungrateful kids” speeches after the holidays. LOL. Way back when I was a kid, we got socks and didn’t complain a peep. (I like socks). My well-off pals would get ski boots or nice watches (Found now like the movado men’s watches at No snazzy iPods and Samsungs for us kids!

And we didn’t DARE complain.

Ah, the good old days. :D

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Winter. Spring. Winter. Spring.

I’m pretty old. I’ve seen a lot of winters and springs. But this year takes the cake. Holy smokes, what the heck is going on?? It’s -15 one night, then it’s in the 50s three days later.

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something to that geo-engineering crud. You can’t tell me this is completely natural.. WEIRD.

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Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms


Looks like I’ve unwittingly raised a passel of music-loving brats. How the heck did this happen?

They had a “jam session” the other day, and by golly it was good. I mean GOOD. What gene did all this, eh?

The only thing is now they want a music room with all sorts of classy musical equipment and a new Markbass Amplifiers and new this and new that….

But they are good. And I mean GOOD.

Hm. We’ll see.

Maybe they’ll make a band and earn gazillions of bucks and I can retire and they can buy their own equipment. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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