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Went to the post office the other day to check out the new stamps. What on earth are they selling these days?! I couldn’t believe the selection: Harry Potter (none too popular with stamp buyers, so I was told), Shirley Chisolm, and Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix??

The stamps were actually kind of pretty, in a spacey, psychedelic kind of way. Some think he was a fabulous guitar player, but I beg to differ. Maybe he had a terrific great tremolno from guitar center or whatever, but biting the strings and playing with one’s teeth is a bit over the top of musical ability, IMHO.

I hope they get some new stamps out soon. I’m very happy to give suggestions. How about a MercyMe stamp? Or Steven Curtis Chapman with his Fender guitar? Or maybe Trace Bundy and his nice acoustic? Come on, USPS, you can do better. :)

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And Here I Thought Apple Was Safe…

Imagine my heartbreak as an Apple fanatic when I hear about that “bug” (what a crock, a bug, YEAH RIGHT) that afflicted SSL encryption, basically allowing a hacker to snoop via public or unsecured wireless network. Oh, and this “bug” has been around since September. 2012!!!!

:( :( Cry me a river, baby.

Ah, but now I also hear of other similar security holes, such as the .. dang, I forgot what it’s called… Gnu something… that affects other operating systems.

Sigh, it all almost makes ya want to get off the Internet altogether, doesn’t it? Oh how I long for the good old days when you could go to a simple website without having your identity stolen, when geek website tutorials were all about how to print bookmarks here instead of how to protect your financial info from being stolen.

Even the 1990s FrontPage stuff looks nostalgic right about now….

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All I Want Is a New Light

Well, you are probably going to hear me belly aching about work these days, because there’s a lot of crud going on and I need to vent somehow!

So the office needs a new light fixture.


And we *still* don’t have it.

Did I mention that the office is dark and gloomy with dark brown paneling and only one window?

The boss keeps telling me there’s a “work order” in for it. For 10 months?!?!?!?

Ugh. I’m about to go batty, my friends.

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Going Country

Well, I’ve just about had it with urban living. I look at the fresh, green countrysides and literally LONG for the quiet spaces full of meandering cows and fluffy sheep. I’m even going on a country-style decor spree, ya know. Yes! I have been looking at a burlap tablecloth site, have been getting flowery stuff and even getting wicker baskets!! My urban pad is looking mighty Kansian, ya know.

Maybe I should ditch the city life and head for the hills. Yeah.


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What Is WRONG With People?!

Ok so I am at work, and a customer wants her stuff. She’s paid the rental fee for her storage but not the late fee. I am willing to give her her stuff BUT I tell her that she is severely delinquent and needs to pay her late fee ASAP. I have no control over it because everything is centralized.

She looks at me like “Who the **** do you think you are?!”

Oh did I mention that she is a black lady. And I am white. She looked me up and down and intimated that I was charging her the late fee because of racial discrimination.

HELLLOOOOOOO it’s all on paper, lady! YOU ARE LATE. I don’t care whether you are black, white, purple, or green. YOU ARE LATE LATE LATE and no matter what color you turn into, you have to pay the late fee like every other delinquent!

What the **** is happening to our country?!

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Quit Complaining About the Weather

Hm. I wonder if even our perceptions and opinions of the weather are being altered by the constant stream of “emergency” weather situations that cable company channels create. Good gravy, people, quit complaining about the weather!

Weather can be GOOD and BAD, within a few hours, even. Hello. And humans cannot control it, hello. And guess what? It’s freezing cold in the winter and sweltering hot in the summer. It’s been that way for thousands and thousands of years! Hello!!!

I don’t like bad weather as much as anyone, but it’s no use constantly complaining about it. Just get some decent stuff (like these auto insurance rates, for example), and rest easy. The weather will pass. It’s all a part of life.

With that said, there IS one thing I will complain about– why are 1-3″ snow events being treated as deadly “STORMS”? It’s like we are always kept in panic mode. Ugh. Just don’t drive, step outside, and enjoy the snow.

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