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The Utter Hypocrisy of “G”

The Crabby Blogging Lady is a savvy Internet user. She even knows a bit about SEO and such. Yes, indeed. She follows such things as page rank and all that hooplah.

So it is no wonder that she is EXPLODING MAD that the “Do no evil” hypocrites in Mountain View have dissed a few of her sites again! Up, down, up, down.

Yes, I know I am beating a dead horse. Yes, I know things with G will never change. But allow me to rant, willya?

I have a whole bunch of websites. A WHOLE BUNCH. Some I allow advertising, some I do not. Most of them are my own domains hosted on my own servers. All these websites have “0″ page rank. But I KNOW that there are a ton of inbound links from very authoritative sources (such as Wikipedia, other very reputable websites, blogs, etc). G doesn’t care, they give me a 0.

Ah but I also have a few Blogger blogs. G owns Blogger. I do a ton of advertising on the Blogger blogs, much more than any of the selfhosted sites. These blogs are rated very highly in Page Rank. And as far as I know, there are very fewer inbound links for the Blogger blogs.

This proof of a conspiracy!


OK OK rant over. It’s no use screaming about the injustice. Hahaha!! No, I shall think happy things now. Yes, happy things like fruit baskets online and ball point pens and little birds in their nests. Yes, yes, I feel much better now.

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Cell Companies Raise Prices?!

I can’t believe it! I’m in shock!! Have you seen the latest price hike for cell phone coverage?!!?!!??! It’s insane!

I won’t come out and say exactly what company I am ranting over, but the first letter starts with an “A” and ends with a “T.” It’s unbelievable! Insane! I mean, they already charge an arm and a leg for service. Then there are the taxes, fees, surcharges and taxes, fees and surcharges on the taxes fees and surcharges. I estimate that I pay approximately $15 in taxes and etc for my cell phone service. And that’s only TWO lines! Of course, I’m no cpa raleigh genius. Maybe I am getting scammed with extra services I do not need.

I want to add another line for my kid. To add a new line, the company says it’s $9.99. Ah, but the taxes, fees and surcharges bring it up to about $15. Wow, that’s a huge tax! And then if you get messaging or data, that’s another $20 for the messaging and $30 for the data. It’s just unbelievable. Why are the prices so high? You can’t tell me it’s because of cell phone company expenses, no way. Measly Tracfone and Net Zero have 90% lower costs. While their data coverage and phones are not as fancy, I cannot see how the big box companies can justify a 90% price hike in comparison.

In the olden days, I remember how consumer pressure used to influence companies to lower costs or change services. I somehow think those days are gone…. :(

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Being Green


Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions

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OMG I Think It’s Really and Truly Here

….. is it true?

… it real?

Are you pinching yourself, too?!



I am still very, very cautious. This IS the Northeast, after all. I have seen it snow in June, believe it or not.

Should I dare unpack my large planters and patio set? I have a nice portable gazebo, too. I’m itching to do it, but…..

what if it snows? :umm:

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Spring is Faking Us Out!

:grump: This is getting a LITTLE old.

We’ve hardly had any winter. What, like 8 inches of snow total, when we usually have 55?! So the little flowers are popping up, the birds are back, the air is fresh. And then,


More snow. Single-digits.

Those poor birds!

OK, so we all go out to break our backs on the snow. Real heavy stuff– wet, thick, all around yuk. And wouldn’t you know, Mr. Crabby’s snowblower is busted, something to do with a carriage bolt or something. Swell.

OK, so after we shovel all that snow… next day it’s back to 45 degrees!!! Hellooooooo, we just shoveled all this stuff!

So we enjoyed some very nice days: birds, flowers, fresh air, yadda yadda. And then,


More snow. Single-digits.

What the heck?!?!?! Is this because of all those nasty chemtrails or something? The weather is just nuts lately. And always right before precipitation, those jerks spew chemtrails in checkerboard patterns all across the sky. Please don’t tell me it’s water vapor– water vapor DISSIPATES. This stuff sticks around.

Anyway. Spring is faking us out. If this keeps up, we’ll probably have this on-again, off-again snowy weather all year long. Ugh!

On the bright side (believe it or not!), at last the cold weather kills off the bug larvae. Muahahaha!!!

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