I’ll Say It Again: I Hate Halloween

It’s almost here: the night responsible citizens and property owners sit up all night, guns in one hand and phones in the other, preparing for that one night of “mischief” where the worst of the population is allowed to wreak havoc, destroy property, and worship satan. All while law enforcement and other mindless citizens chant, “Oh well, kids will be kids…”

I HATE HALLOWEEN. Hate it. I’ve hated it ever since I was 14 or so. What a crappy “holiday.” I can’t believe that people actually recognize this day, let alone “celebrate” it!

Don’t give me that crap that this is “all for the kids” and “it’s only about dressing up.”


Let me ask you something, you who say this– if my town celebrated Hitler’s birthday, what would you say to that? Oh, we don’t bake a cake that says “Happy Birthday, Hitler” on it, no… but we dress up, play dumb games and pass out goodies that rot our teeth. We carve vetetables with little arms in the raised “heil” position; some of us dress up with little black mustaches, too, ALLL in GOOOOD fun– knowing in the backs of our minds that it’s Hitler’s special day and it’s because of him that we set aside this day… but we celebrate guilt-free, and what we’re doing is OKAY, because ALL we’re doing is HAVING FUN and DRESSING UP! That’s what makes it OK, isn’t it?? Well, isn’t it?!?!

So now do you see how stupid that kind of reasoning is?

Halloween has disgusting pagan roots, and anyone whose brain hasn’t been washed by commercialism knows this. You can cover up the crappy celebration with decorations, treats, costumes, goodies, and apple-bobbings….. but we all know what it’s about. In the United States, Halloween was anathema to our godly forefathers… until the Celts brought the crap over in the late 1800s. Once the businessmen got ahold of the idea that they could sellsellsell all sorts of useless trash for this day and this day only, *BANG* it became a nationwide, celebrated “holiday!” There was no stopping it! And what’s absolutely gut-wrenching is that Christians actually take part in it, too! :wassat:

In other countries, holidays have spiritual significance underlying the physical celebration (for good or bad). America is unique in that the only thing that makes us tick is MONEY and SHOPPING. Thus, Halloween is a-OK. It’s *just* a dress-up day Let the shopping celebrations begin!



P.S. Does anyone happen to remember that October 31 is Reformation Day? Does anyone even know what that IS?! If not, well, WHY NOT, huh??? How come Reformation Day isn’t celebrated in public schools, but satanic Halloween is, huh???

BAH! :rage:

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Some Good News

Well, looky here I must be starting a new thing– I’ve got some GOOD news to report. I’ll wait right here until you recover from the shock.

The news?

Ron Paul getting is actually GETTING some attention!!! The media blackout of the guy has been stunning. FINALLY, he’s making waves. The big attention getter was his announcement that he would slash a ton of federal jobs and balance the budget in THREE years. That even got Rush Limbaugh marveling. It’s ABOUT TIME.

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Anderson Cooper Targaryen

Who’s your daddy?

I don’t know a whole lot about the George R.R. Martin medieval fiction series (and why do medieval fiction writers always have TWO middle names??), but I know enough about the Targaryen characters to make me do a double-take when I look at Anderson Cooper. Does this guy keep dragons???

He’s a dead ringer for the dynasty, wouldn’t you say? I mean, he could give Viserys a run for his money with father’s gift basket ideas and all, ya think?

Photo is from Wikipedia. That’s so that no major news media outlet could sue me for “copyright infringement” for using a photo. So there. :-p

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Too Scared to Spend Money

Now I know why small businesses are skittish.

I’m very concerned about our economy. Oh, we’ve known since the late 1990s that it was going to all come crashing down. You can only import SO MUCH from China and manufacture NOTHING toward exports before you go insolvent. And that’s only a tiny part of the problem.

So I’m needing a new laptop and I see a sweet little deal online. One of the best deals I’ve ever seen, actually. But gosh darn it, I can’t find the courage to hit the “Buy now” button. I’m just so nervous about the economy. I know God will provide for us (give us this day our daily bread), but if I blow so much money on a laptop and then things go south, how can I face Him? I’m just not convinced this is the best time to buy such a thing….

I’ve heard economists lamenting the fact that businesses are loathe to spend any money, because they are nervous about the new year’s taxes kicking in and such. Man, I feel that way exactly. It’s so risky to buy anything BIG. Things are that tenuous.

Or, maybe I’m just listening to the talking heads too much. Maybe things are not as bad as they seem. Maybe the housing industry will bounce back, and maybe the currency and economy will bounce back…. although I don’t see how that will happen. This downfall has taken a few decades to do, with lots of entangling policy tied into it. To extricate our country from this disaster will take a ton of work.

I don’t know HOW Mr. Crabby does it. He can watch those debates and the news and walk away with his blood pressure relatively under control. Me, I’m about to explode. :explode:

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Please Please Please, Oh God…

PLEASE, dear Lord, allow this man to become president. Make some kind of miracle.

Did you see what Ron Paul said he was going to do? Eliminate five Cabinet-level departments, bring the American soldiers back home, and SLASH taxes. He says his plan will totally eliminate the national debt in THREE YEARS.

*on knees, praying*

Oh please oh please….

Can you imagine what would happen to our country should we balance the federal budget?! We’d — like — have FREEDOM again in this country. Imagine no more “wars” abroad! Imagine no extortion-level taxes! Imagine the economy coming back, manufacturing coming back, terrific houses for rent, houses for sale, the whole housing industry bouncing back!!!


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Goodbye, Summer

I can’t say it’s been the bets of summers. We saw terrible flash flooding multiple times this year… dozens of tornadoes… an earthquake…. my gardens are disasters form the floods… and the economy is a wreck with social unrest….

Still, it’s sad to see summer go. I really hate the summer heat but I do love the summer freedom– no need to wrap yourself up in big parkas and boots, to shovel the driveway and chip the ice off the windshield, to pray all the way to your destination because the roads are so bad— summer’s so GREEN. So FRESH. I will miss the flowers and birds and sunshine.

One of the perks about gloomy winter is that you can still get or send flowers. :D No need to suffer when it comes to that. As a matter of fact, those store-bought flowers are often much better looking than my best home-grown flowers from the gardens. :S How is that?

I do tolerate winter. Mr. Crabby calls me his “winter woman”: warmth in the winter and shade in the summer.

:grump: Is that supposed to be a compliment or should I bonk him with my rolling pin? Hm.

Anyway, it’s all winding down whether we like it or not. I hope and pray the winter won’t be as bad as summer was….

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