I Hate Halloween

It’s almost here: the night responsible citizens and property owners sit up all night, guns in one hand and phones in the other, preparing for that one night of “mischief” where the worst of the population is allowed to wreak havoc, destroy property, and worship satan. All while law enforcement and other mindless citizens chant, “Oh well, kids will be kids…”

I HATE HALLOWEEN. Hate it. I’ve hated it ever since I was 14 or so. What a crappy “holiday.” I can’t believe that people actually recognize this day, let alone “celebrate” it!

Don’t give me that crap that this is “all for the kids” and “it’s only about dressing up.”


Let me ask you something, you who say this– if my town celebrated Hitler’s birthday, what would you say to that? Oh, we don’t bake a cake that says “Happy Birthday, Hitler” on it, no… but we dress up, pass out holiday cards, and have games and pass out goodies. We carve zucchinis with little arms in the raised “heil” position; some of us dress up with little black mustaches, too, ALLL in GOOOOD fun– knowing in the backs of our minds that it’s Hitler’s special day and it’s because of him that we set aside this day… but we celebrate guilt-free, and what we’re doing is OKAY, because ALL we’re doing is HAVING FUN and DRESSING UP! That’s what makes it OK, isn’t it?? Well, isn’t it?!?!

So now do you see how stupid that kind of reasoning is?

Halloween has disgusting pagan roots, and anyone whose brain hasn’t been washed by commercialism knows this. You can cover up the crappy celebration with decorations, treats, costumes, goodies, and apple-bobbings….. but we all know what it’s about. In the United States, Halloween was anathema to our godly forefathers… until the Celts brought the crap over in the late 1800s. Once the businessmen got ahold of the idea that they could sellsellsell all sorts of useless trash for this day and this day only, *BANG* it became a nationwide, celebrated “holiday!” There was no stopping it! And what’s absolutely gut-wrenching is that Christians actually take part in it, too! :wassat:

In other countries, holidays have spiritual significance underlying the physical celebration (for good or bad). America is unique in that the only thing that makes us tick is MONEY and SHOPPING. Thus, Halloween is a-OK. It’s *just* a dress-up day Let the shopping celebrations begin!



I’m staying home, with my Mace. I’m also thinking of renting a rabid, nasty German Shepherd and setting him lose in my yard, to bite the prowlers who dare to paper my trees. I won’t get in trouble for it! No one ever gets in trouble on Halloween! After all, like the police department says every year, “these things will happen on a night like this.”

P.S. Does anyone happen to remember that October 31 is Reformation Day? Does anyone even know what that IS?! If not, well, WHY NOT, huh??? How come Reformation Day isn’t celebrated in public schools, but satanic Halloween is, huh???

BAH! :rage:

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How Do I Love Me

The social networker’s mantra: How Do I Love Me? So where do you fall in? ;)


From What a hilarious place!

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Chicken Wings Take-Out: Just One Buck

Wonder if this lady got her “buck” back after this surprise in her meal.

BWAHAHAHA!! I am just hilarious!!! :rofl:


A customer at a local fast food restaurant in Newport, VA., claims to have gotten more than she bargained for when she received her order.

Katherine Ortega alleges that she found a fried chicken head in the box of chicken wings she ordered Wednesday.

Ortega said someone who wasn’t looking closely could have easily mistaken the chicken’s head for another piece of chicken like a leg or a wing. The chicken’s beak, the cone on top of its head and some feathers are visible.

Ortega said she wants to know how the chicken’s head could have made it past inspectors and into the hands of a customer.

“I usually look at my food, but I shouldn’t have to look that closely to see that,” Ortega said. “My 5-year-old probably wouldn’t have looked. He probably would have thought it was a chicken leg and eaten it.”

This lady must be a first-time mom. Cuz if you’ve had as many 5-years olds as I have, eating a cooked and fried chicken head doesn’t even BEGIN to scratch the surface, especially if the kid is a boy.

And oh sure, if he’d bit into that fried beak, no doubt he’d need some dental implants Plano pronto… but if the stomach doesn’t need pumping, it must be OK. Kids are like rubber and their stomachs like cast iron, I always say. HA!

Photo and story from Cybersalt.

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Pelosi, Are YOU Serious?!

Unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a total idiot. In case you haven’t heard, those idiots in Congress are considering legislation that would FORCE us to get health insurance, or else the IRS stormtroopers will come knocking at our doors.

This is absolutely ILLEGAL to mandate. All laws in this country are supposed to abide by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Of course, this hasn’t stopped those Washington idiots since the days of FDR… but Pelosi was confronted about the issue, and her response is CLASSIC.

When asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday where the Constitution authorized Congress to order Americans to buy health insurance–a mandate included in both the House and Senate versions of the health care bill–Pelosi dismissed the question by saying: “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

The exchange with Speaker Pelosi on Thursday occurred as follows: “Madam Speaker, where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?”

Pelosi: “Are you serious? Are you serious?” “Yes, yes I am.”

Pelosi then shook her head before taking a question from another reporter. Her press spokesman, Nadeam Elshami, then told that asking the speaker of the House where the Constitution authorized Congress to mandated that individual Americans buy health insurance as not a “serious question.”

“You can put this on the record,” said Elshami. “That is not a serious question. That is not a serious question.”

I’d love to know what Pelosi meant by “Are you serious?” when asked about the Constitution. Interpreted, was she really saying, “Oh that old rag! Do we still use that thing??”

So what are they going to do?? Make us brush our teeth before we go to bed, force us to get life insurance quotes online, make us eat our spinach and broccoli?! Who the @$%& do these people think they are?!?! Why are we swallowing this crap over and over again? How do these people keep getting elected??

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A Looney Tunes Lesson

Wile Idiots2

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You Can’t Take It With You

A man, nearing his end of days on the earth, told his wife, “I’m determined to take my life savings with me when I die.” He instructed her to pack up all their money into a suitcase, which he promptly stuffed into a corner of the attic of his house.

He gleefully told her, “This is what I’m going to do– after I die, I’m going to grab the suitcase on the way up. I’ll take it all with me and be rich in the afterlife!”

So the day came, and the man died. His wife hesitated for a few days, but she could bear the suspense no longer. She timidly walked up the stairs to the attic, only to find the suitcase with money still sitting in the corner, untouched.

She pondered for a moment, then exclaimed, “Oh dear! I suppose we should have put the money in the basement.”


A newly deceased man approached the Pearly Gates, carrying a heavy sack. He walked up to St. Peter at the gate. Peter spotted the bag, and stopped the man from continuing through the gates.

“Sir, I’m sorry; you can’t take anything with you beyond this gate.”

The man stopped in shock. He looked at St. Peter and said, “I’ve worked my entire life for what’s in this bag! I refuse to leave it behind!”

St. Peter repeated his statement, “Sir, I’m sorry, but you cannot take this with you. That’s our policy.”

The man was adamant. “I’m not going in unless I can take it with me!”

Peter’s curiosity was slightly aroused. “Sir, what is in that bag that is so precious?”

The man, beaming with joy, opened up the bag and hefted out a very large, shiny gold brick. He held it up for Peter to admire.

Peter stared. “Pavement?!?”

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